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About Me

I hail from Ploiesti,Romania. Been living here ever since i was born back in 1981. After '89, i gained acces to a wider array of inspiration than Pif and Disney, like Marvel comics, manga and anime. My main influences have remained mostly these domains, and i tried for years to blend them together. If i succeeded at that or no is really up to you to decide.
I am mostly a self-taught cartoonist, i only went to art high-school, after that i followed another line of studies in college, but never really gave up on comics. After a little work in advertising and educational media, i am currently working for EA Games Mobile. I hope someday i will be able to work in the comic industry.

Done So Far

A couple of comics published in the Manga Inc. Fanzine, did some grafitti decorating in clubs, bars, gaming-halls and stores, tattooed my friends, designed the image for a couple of enterprises, displayed my works at the Otaku Festival in Bucharest.
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